Chris’s success has been built on innovation and his skills of negotiating often complex deals.  In 2008, working with partners Helios, he secured the sale of a piece of land to EDS – later Hewlett Packard – to enable the development of a 300,000 sq. ft high security data centre.

Considered the first ever wind-cooled data centre, the facility draws in the cool North Sea air using eight 2.1 metre stainless steel and plastic intake fans. Opened in 2010 with an initial four data halls it was constructed with the future in mind with room to double capacity over time.

This complex project was more than selling a plot, with a lot of work carried by Chris and the team to ensure the resilience of the building.  That including meet requirements that a building of this complexity required including facilitating a direct power source to ensure this high end data power never goes offline.

EDS building