Chris has supported numerous charitable organisations over many years, but his main focus has always been towards Hartlepool-Alice House Hospice.

Over the past 10 years the hospice have received over £500,000 in donations from Chris personally and the charitable events he has organised, which range from horse racing days to prize draws – Chris describes the Hospice as a jewel in the crown of Hartlepool.

Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation (MFCF), which provides community support to vulnerable people in the area have also benefited from the support of Chris in terms of finance and other goodwill gestures.

Thanks to his work with MFCF he is now involved with a number of food banks and community voluntary groups, all of whom deal with poverty within local communities.

He intends to increase his support to the charitable sector year on year.

Charitable work - football stadium
Charitable work
Charitable work